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pbedic v0.2 - Perl Bulgarian English Dictionary

pbedic is Perl Bulgarian English dictionary wich uses kbedic dictionary files. Pbedic comes with console and graphical interfaces (Term::ReadLine, Tk and PerlQt) . You will need to have Tk perl modules (for Tk GUI) and PerlQt (for PerlQt GUI). Cyrillic fonts (cp1251) are required for cyrillic output. I recommend bglinux cyrillization package for full Linux cyrillization. Look in the documentation section for information how to install perl modules. Tested on Slackware Linux and Peanut Linux .

From this version default gui is Qt (PerlQt). I strongly recommend it !!!

This version comes without dictionary files !!! You can get them from kbedic and place into /usr/local/share/ directory (if you have installed kbedic in /usr/local/ - skip this note).


      make install

For default Qt GUI:


fore Tk GUI:

     pbedic tk

for console UI:

     pbedic console

Screenshots: pbedic with default Qt GUI.

Configuration screenshot  About screenshot

pbedic with Tk GUI.

pbedic with console UI ( running in KDE's Konsole ).

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