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Welcome to Mironcho's Perl Scripts site

  Here you can find useful perl scripts - currently Bulgarian English dictionary pbedic, Perl Tk audio mixer ptkmixer, console audio mixer mmixer and ickle2kxicq contacts convertor . Well, I'm not a Perl guru, so don't expect a lot ;) . All site stuff you can find in the site menu, all scripts - in the scripts menu.

If you like my programs/scripts, send me a greeting :-)

   Latest news:
12.07.2003:   mmixer 1.2  - Code cleanup release. Minor interface changes.
03.01.2003:   pbedic 0.2  - new GUI added (PerlQt). Code cleanup and many bugfixes
26.12.2002:   pbedic 0.1 - Perl Bulgarian English Dictionary  - testing release
03.12.2002:   ptkmixer 0.1 - Perl Tk Audio Mixer  - initial release
22.11.2002:   mmixer 1.1  - new features added
03.11.2002:   First mmixer relase
03.11.2002:   First ickle2kxicq relase
03.11.2002:   http://mironcho.sourceforge.net is online !!!

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